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We Clean Corners, Not Cut Them.

Let Titan Cleaning Company do all of the dirty work for you.
Whether it is residential or commercial cleaning, our 40 point cleaning service will let you focus on everything else you need to do. 

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Best cleaning service for your office and house

We Create the Perfect Shine Every Time

When it comes to making your home or office shine, there is no better team to trust than our professional cleaners. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, every time. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular cleaning services, we will create the perfect shine for your space. Our team uses the latest cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough clean. 

We also offer a wide range of cleaning services, so you can customize your experience to suit your needs. We understand that every space is different, and we will work with you to create a unique cleaning plan that meets your specific requirements. If you are looking for residential or commercial cleaning services that will leave your home or office shining, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and create a custom cleaning plan for you.


Cleaning Made Right

Hiring a professional cleaner may be a bit of an investment when you first consider the costs. However, the time and energy that you save by not having to do it yourself will make it worth your while. In addition, because we’ll be doing it right, if you’re like many people, cleaning is not something you enjoy or look forward to doing. If there was a way to make cleaning less tedious, would you be interested in learning more? For most people, their answer would be “yes”! That’s where Titan Cleaning Company comes in. Our company was established with the goal of relieving clients from the stress of cleaning to help them feel more comfortable and confident at home. We have all the equipment, supplies and know-how necessary for getting the job done properly and in a much shorter amount of time than if you were doing it on your own. Plus our cleaners are able to tailor their services for each client’s specific needs. All these things combined mean that hiring Titan Cleaning Company will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed without leaving all of your hard work behind!

When you need a deep-clean for your home, we’re the professionals to call. We work around your schedule so that you never need to alter your life or schedule to accommodate us. Trust us to do the job right: with our attention to detail we’ll make sure that your home is uncluttered and immaculate. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it becomes to shop, clean, and entertain in your very own space without having to move furniture, vacuum corners, or scrub toilets!


Our Services

Outstanding Service Makes Outstanding Cleaning

standard cleaning

Standard Cleaning

Titan cleaning company offers a wide range of cleaning services for individuals or commercial clients. We always strive to satisfy our customers by providing them with the best quality service at affordable prices.

office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is typically a tedious and time-consuming task. But thanks to Titan Cleaning Company, this task has never been easier. Their staff of licensed professionals is available every day of the week for any size office or building. Their goal is to exceed your expectations with attention to detail and excellent service each and every time.

Move in/Move out cleaning

Move Out/Move In Cleaning

Whether you are moving in a new home, or moving out of an old one, our move in/move out cleaning service will have your house spotlessly clean. We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs and can easily tailor them to suit any specific requests you may have.

Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Our Post Construction Cleaning Service will give you professional results. We specialize in cleaning hard-to-reach spaces, removing any residue and sanitizing the location to prevent mold or mildew.

Business Cleaning

Business Cleaning

We are a professional cleaning service that offers deep-cleaning and regular maintenance plans for offices and businesses of all sizes. Our fully trained professionals will clean your floors, your walls, your furniture, windows and more.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Whether you’re a busy professional with too many hours in the day, or you work from home and don't have time to give your home the attention it deserves - Titan Cleaning Company is here to help. With our 60-point deep cleaning checklist, we'll walk through every nook and cranny of your property, leaving not one corner untouched.

Our Process

This is How We Work


We offer fast and easy booking procedures.

You can get your space looking its best in minutes. Plus, our experienced staff will take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on what's important: your work! Give us a try today and see how easy it is to get reliable, quick cleanings from the pros.


When it comes to professional cleaning

You can't go wrong with a company like ours. We have years of experience in the field, and our certified professionals are experts at taking care of every detail. From dusting and vacuuming to washing and drying, we'll make sure your home is spick and span when we're done. Trust us for a thorough job that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!


Sit back and enjoy your clean home or office!

A professional cleaning service can make all the difference in your space. Whether you're looking for a one-time deep clean or regular cleaning services, our team of experienced professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We use high-quality cleaning supplies and cutting-edge tools to make sure your space is spotless.

Why Choose Us

Our Professional Cleaning Technicians Can Handle Any Job.

At Titan Cleaning Company we pride ourselves on the ability to handle any job.  When it’s the dirtiest, that’s when we shine.

Best Equipment

Your home is your castle, and you should take care of it like one. That means having the best equipment possible to clean it. This means hiring a professional cleaning team that can handle any job. We have the best equipment in the business, and our technicians are skilled at using it to get your home looking pristine once again. Trust us to take care of everything, from deep-cleaning to dusting, so you can relax and enjoy your home.

Years Experience

Our experienced cleaning technicians can handle any job, big or small. We take pride in our reputation for providing top-quality service, and our team is trained to handle any task with ease. From deep cleanings to simple window washing, we have the experience and skills to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services.

Affordable Price

Let us be your go-to source for professional cleaning services. We have a team of experienced and certified cleaners who can handle any job, big or small. Our affordable prices make it easy to get the work done quickly and efficiently, leaving your space looking clean and fresh. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation to see how we can help you achieve the perfect level of cleanliness for your needs.

Professional Staff

When it comes to professional cleaning, we have the staff to handle any job. From deep-cleaning to window washing, our technicians are skilled in every area of cleaning. With years of experience and a passion for cleanliness, they will leave your space looking and smelling great. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional staff members, and see how we can help you achieve the perfect level of cleanliness for your business.


Cleaning At Its Finest

We were in need of a deep cleaning for our office and I came across Titan Cleaning. I am so glad I did. They were professional, reliable, and did an amazing job. Even the employees commented on how great their work was and it was important to me that they had a good impression.

Rinna Asher Customer

I am a single mom on the go, and I work 60-hour weeks. With all of this, I still want my home to look good when I come home from work. Titan Cleaning has been a lifesaver for me. The team is always so detailed and efficient, and they make every effort to get everything done without any disruption.

Dinna Smith Customer

When I got engaged, I wanted to make sure my fiancé and I had the perfect home. After a lot of research, we decided to call Titan Cleaning. They did a great job cleaning our home and giving it that sparkle before our wedding. They were very professional and affordable for such a big job.

Ester Danise Customer

I am very glad that I found Titan Cleaning. They have been providing me with reliable and professional service for quite a few years now, and I always feel great about the way my home looks after they are done.

Happy Customer
Ricky Smith Customer

I don't know how they do it, but these guys always make my place shine. I've been with them for years and they've never let me down. They are the best cleaners around.

Professional Cleaner
Tony Griffin Customer

Ready To Make Your Home Or Office Shine?

Do you have a cluttered home or office that is starting to take its toll on your productivity? Are your surfaces dirty and full of allergens? Do you feel like there’s just no more space to put things? Professional cleaning may be the solution for you! Cleaning by professional cleaners can help declutter your space, get rid of allergens, and clean up troublesome messes. They’ll also make your home or office look neater and more professional. Plus, with a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll be able to breathe easier and avoid health problems caused by dust and other allergens. Are you ready to start seeing the benefits of professional cleaning? Contact Titan Cleaning Company today!